DIY Tshirt Infinity Scarf Tutorial


Okay, well I was  planning on doing this tutorial next week, but I just got really excited about it and just had to do it today. I have an AWESOME tutorial that ANYONE can do, and it is a lot of fun! With the cold weather coming, us crafters have to stay warm and stylish….but of course we want to do it with something that we made. This scarf will solve that problem 😉 Plus, this is another way to use those old tshirts! (However, I do recommend using a large or extra large shirt for these scarves.)

So, I hope that you enjoy this tutorial!

scarfDIY 016 scarfDIY 001 scarfDIY 002 scarfDIY 003 scarfDIY 004

Oh, I forgot to mention to cut off the hem at the bottom of the shirt. Then, you want to turn the “tube” sideways like this:

scarfDIY 005 scarfDIY 006 scarfDIY 007 scarfDIY 008 scarfDIY 009 scarfDIY 010 scarfDIY 011

In the picture above you can see what I call my “false seams.” I just hot glued the edges and folded inward to give the material a nicer finish.

scarfDIY 012 scarfDIY 013 scarfDIY 014 scarfDIY 015

I think that this is such an adorable DIY! And, another good thing about it is that it took me less than an hour!

In my gray scarf (in case you were wondering) I actually cut a couple strips of a tie dye shirt that I never wear and included it into the scarf and it added a cute, fun effect. These would be an adorable addition to any fall or winter outfit. Please tell me what you think!



P.S. Oh, and remember to check out my last post on the latest info on my sleuth kits for sale(if you haven’t already).


Fall and Winter Sale!

Hey everyone!

I can’t believe how long it has been since my last post! I have just been so busy with school work! Well I have good news for you today. I have two large sleuth kits and only one mini sleuth kit left in stock. And…. I just love November and December because they have my two favorite holidays….So, for the next two months I have decided to put them all up for a discounted price! In addition, I am going to choose a random Nancy Drew book to go along with the sleuth kit! It is a pretty good deal, so if you are interested in buying one, please contact me through the comments below and I promise to get reply to you via e-mail.

So here are the new prices:

Original Nancy Drew Sleuth Kit now $45 + S&H (was $60 +S&H)

June 23rd 2012 322


Mini Nancy Drew Sleuth Kit now $20 + S&H (was $30 +S&H)



For more detailed pictures you can check out the For Sale Page.

These are a perfect gift for any detective or Nancy Drew fan during holidays! Whew, I know if I got this package as a gift when I was younger I would have been busy for quite a while!

Well, to sum it all up, this offer begins today, November 1st 2013, and ends December 31st 2013.



P.S. Keep an eye out for a t-shirt infinity scarf tutorial 😉



New Duct Tape Wallet Design!

Hello! Today I just want to show you a couple of duct tape wallets I have been working on recently. I just changed to a small cross-body bag that is a little better for the fall season than the bright-colored purse I used this summer, and I needed a wallet that was smaller than my current wallet to fit into the new purse.  So, instead of going to the store and buying a new wallet, I dug deep into my (almost) never-ending supply of duct tape and picked out a cute paisley pattern that I actually used for one of the sleuth kits that is for sale. However I did not want the regular wallet that I normally make that opens horizontally, and I wanted one that I could separate my different bills. I came up with a new design, and I quickly snapped a few pics before wrapping the second wallet to be given as a gift. It is almost a mix between an envelope and a clutch. *Also, although I only show one pocket for bills, there is an identical pocket on the other side

walletDIY 002 walletDIY 003 walletDIY 004 walletDIY 005


It has four card slots, and two fairly deep pockets for dollar bills. I like this design a lot better than the previous design because I feel that my bills are a little more secure because of the flap covering the top, and they aren’t as easily accessible because the pockets are so deep.

So what do you think, yea or nay? “like” this post, or just tell me what you think by commenting! If a lot of people like it, I just may make a tutorial in the future 🙂

T-shirt Bracelet Tutorial

Today I have another tutorial for you! I really hope you guys like this one! It is very easy, and is a great use for if you previously did a t-shirt DIY , and still have the leftover sleeves. A few weeks ago I made a few t-shirt bracelets, and I thought that I would make a tutorial.

*Please excuse my chipped nails, they look pretty rough! 😉

So let’s begin!

tshirtbracelet_DIY 010 tshirtbracelet_DIY 001

Somehow the pictures got deleted, but the first step is to cut strips from the sleeve about a half an inch thick.

tshirtbracelet_DIY 002 tshirtbracelet_DIY 003 tshirtbracelet_DIY 004 tshirtbracelet_DIY 005 tshirtbracelet_DIY 006 tshirtbracelet_DIY 007 tshirtbracelet_DIY 008 tshirtbracelet_DIY 009 tshirtbracelet_DIY 012 tshirtbracelet_DIY 011


I think that these turned out really well, and they are actually look even more neon than the pictures show! I don’t know about you, but I love neons! These bracelets actually match a sweatshirt that I have! How about you? Are you more of a neon person, or pastel?


5 Tips on Ductagami

Undoubtedly the most famous craft on my website are the duct tape sleuth kits that I make and sell. Many people ask “How do you make the sleuth kits?” Well I can’t put a step by step tutorial on how to make the Nancy Drew sleuth kits because it is a very detailed process, but I decided to give everyone a few tips to remember if they choose to make a duct tape craft of their own. Who knows, after getting the hang of things you may be able to make a sleuth kit of your own!

Tip 1: Use a cutting board

Small or medium cutting boards are easy tools to find in the kitchen that can be used for duct tape projects. They prove handy because they are easy to store and transport, and most of all they protect the surface under the duct tape from being sliced along with the tape!

Tip 2: Use an X-acto knife

Many people may use either a pair of scissors or their teeth to tear the tape. I do not recommend either of these methods for a few reasons. Personally, I don’t like using scissors because the tape tends to stick to the blades, which sometimes make it harder to cut a perfectly straight line. A second reason I do not use scissors is because the blades quickly get gummy or sticky.

An X-acto knife is my personal favorite for cutting duct tape. They can be purchased easily at a craft store or hardware store for a fairly decent price, and can last a very long time. One can place the duct tape on the cutting board, then cut it with the X-acto knife, without worrying about cutting the table underneath.

Tip 3: Find a good work space

Finding a good work space is a very important part of ductagami,  just like it is for any other art form. Make sure that you have enough room to stay organized, and also give yourself enough elbow room. You need enough room to unroll long lengths of duct tape without knocking over a tower of duct tape rolls with your elbow!

Step 4: Take your time

This doesn’t necessarily mean that every single thing must be perfect, but you don’t want to rush through a project just to see that your wallet just looks like a wrinkled piece of tape with some money inside. Especially on your first time doing a project make sure to focus, cut clean lines, and remember that it may take a little while before you get the hang of things.

Step 5: Have fun! 

It may seem cheesy, or way too obvious, but it is important to remember that ductagami is all about having fun! Sometimes hard projects can go a little rough at times, but remember to keep trying and it will get better and better! And always keep your creativity flowing! The possibilities with duct tape is endless!



Cheesecake Obsession?!

OK, recently I found a wonderful picture of banana cream cheesecake on Pinterest. Supposedly, it tastes almost exactly like the banana cream cheesecake at the Cheesecake Factory. Reading the ingredients, I almost couldn’t help licking my lips. What I also couldn’t help was thinking “I could make that!” Well, I followed through and bought all of the ingredients and the springform pan-don’t forget that! It turned out even better than I had thought! I only wish that I could have pureed the banana to make the batter more smooth. But, I almost liked the little chunks of banana I would get in each bite. It really depends on which consistency you prefer. My family quickly gobbled it up, and I don’t blame them! After making this cheesecake I searched Pinterest for any more fantastic cheesecake recipes. I’m thinking that I may have begun a new obsession…

Here is the recipe:

Here are a couple pics of my cheesecake:

diy_crafts 015 diy_crafts 016 diy_crafts 017

Not too shabby for my first cheesecake! And it definitely wasn’t as hard as I thought! A little time consuming, but it definitely worth it! I am currently trying to pick one of the many great recipes I have found on Pinterest. Any suggestions? Leave them in the comments below!

T-shirt Bracelets

Hello! Today I just have a little bonus post to show you a cute little project I did this week. I was making yet another DIY tank top(for a little friend of mine) and, as always, I felt that it was a waste throwing both sleeves away after cutting them off. I decided to try to make a bracelet or two out of them. At first I didn’t think that I would have enough material for making a bracelet, but I soon found out that I had more than enough! I got about three bracelets out of both sleeves combined. I made fishtail bracelets, but if I would have done just a simple braid I probably could have gotten more bracelets out of it. Here are a few pics of the finished product:




These bracelet are a great use of leftover scraps from cutting up a shirt, and are also a cute addition to any fun, summer outfit!

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