New Beaded Bracelets:Femininity,Spring, the Mckayla, and the Lisa

My family (all except my dad), are introducing their new beaded bracelets: Femininity, Spring, the McKayla, and the Lisa. If you are interested in purchasing any of the stunning bracelets post a comment and I’ll e-mail you info about the one you want.



“Femininity”-This gorgeous new spring/summer bracelet/earring set truly brings forth an appearance of femininity. (made with genuine crystal beads)



“Spring”-This stunning bracelet is like a refreshing breath of fresh air,
reflecting the beautiful colors of springtime! (made with genuine crystal beads)

the "McKayla"

the "McKayla"

the “McKayla”-This beachy summer bracelet can easily be worn as either an anklet
or a bracelet for those awesome trips to the ocean.

the "Lisa"

the "Lisa"

the “Lisa”-This bracelet/earring set is a beautiful addition to most formal or informal outfits.
(made with genuine crystal beads)


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  1. This looks amazing. Thank you very much for posting this.


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