Flip Flop Blues

Today the weather was beautiful, it was nice and warm- what a great day to wear flip flops right? Well while I was in the store with my mom today, guess what? Her flip flop broke! Now what do you do in that situation? In the middle of shopping for groceries, with a full shopping cart, and  about to check out is not the time to break your shoe. Well good thing this isn’t the first run in I’ve had with the flip flop blues. If you are in this situation this is what you do:

1. Assess the flip flop situation. Is it a thong flip flop or a slider flip flop?

2. Take out a band aid(or any other adhesive you may have on your person. I’ve used the band aid twice successfully:).

3. Use the band aid to attach the broken strap to the sole.

Just an idea to help you get home when your flip flop is broken.

I’ll try to get picts of the restored flip flop later:)


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