Friendship Bracelets- A timeless hobby

Ahh… the joy of making friendship bracelets. All the different colors and styles that adorn wrists and ankels are just a trip to the craft store away. All you need is to buy some embroidery floss in your preferred colors. You may also want to pick up some small beads if you desire to work them into your craft. There are many different types of friendship bracelets so you won’t have to be bored of making the same type of bracelets over and over again.

The links below teach you how to make a variety of friendship bracelets.

the classic friendship bracelet:

*Remember the key to the classic friendship bracelet is to double knot. This prevents the bracelet form twisting.( I just figure this out.) If you have any questions post a comment 🙂

The cross knot friendship bracelet:

The Chinese staircase bracelet:

The wave knot bracelet:


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