Sneak Peek!!!

Almost everyone who comes to this blog comes to see something made out of duct tape–mostly to take a look at my well-known Nancy Drew sleuth kit. Well, for about two months I have been working on “the surprise,”and although I am not finished yet I can’t help but tell you what it is….

…This is a picture of an unfinished mini Nancy drew sleuth kit. I decided to try making a mini kit because I have noticed that the originals could be a little too heavy for the younger detectives out there 😉 Preference will definitely make the final decision for the question: “The original bag, or the mini?” To help you out, I’ll give you a little more info (But, of course, you will get even more information when I am completely finished with the mini bag.)

The original bag is still perfect for you if you want all of the card slots, pockets, etc. in the front flap. The mini bag on the other hand, may be too small to fit as many pockets in the front. The mini bag will always have the magnifying glass, though( what is a Nancy Drew bag without the magnifying glass?!). Also, as I said before, the mini bag will be perfect for younger N.D. fans because it is about half the size of the original bag. (When I make the official post for the mini sleuth kit, I will put the exact measurements of both kits so that you can see the size difference, and a picture of them next to each other to show the contrast.)

You may be wondering why I am always mentioning how you can choose which you would like best, and how you can choose your preference…well, coming up this summer our famous Nancy Drew duct tape sleuth kits will be for sale!! Many people have asked to buy the sleuth kits, but I have been so busy I haven’t had time to make any. By this summer, though, I will have some bags made and ready to sell! Both the mini bag and the original will be for sale, so check back soon for more details!

~ Craft-d-Girl

P.S. Please comment and tell me what you think of the mini sleuth kit!


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