Get Ready…

For about two months I have been working on the unique Nancy Drew inspired sleuth kits. I have chosen the color schemes according to the popular choices from the polls I have put up in the past, but I am also making a couple cute bags that I did not mention in the poll (which are my personal favorites!). I am still not sure what date I will begin the sale of  the bags, but I

The New and Improved Nancy Drew Sleuth Kit

The New and Improved Nancy Drew Sleuth Kit

promise that my next post will say the exact date. In addition to the sleuth kits, I may also sell a few other homemade crafts from this blog. The bags will only be on sale for a limited time only, so please keep checking back to see the start and the end dates.

The kits are a great Christmas present to any Nancy Drew fan, but I normally don’t sell the bags during Christmastime, so now would be the time to think about buying them for a very thoughtful gift. I will also offer a few packages, to give a detective just the right supplies for a mystery. Some may include a bag and a matching wallet, or maybe even a original bag with the mini, the choice will be yours! I will explain the specifics when I release the sale date.

If you want to know when I put up new posts in the future, you could follow craftdgirlblog on Twitter, or receive updates on my blog by e-mail!

Do you have any suggestions on new crafts you want me to try, or are  you interested in buying a sleuth kit this summer?? Don’t be shy, please comment below!   I would love to hear your feedback!



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