Too Pretty to Eat!

This week I had to put off working on the sleuth kits so that I could make something special for my sister’s graduation. As I have mentioned before, I have taken a four-week class on cake decorating. The cake I wanted to make, though, had a few things that I didn’t learn in my beginner class. This graduation cake took three days to make–a long time compared to my usual one day. I also wanted to make the cake zebra and pink, which required sugar sheets and fondant, both of which I never learned how to use. I put the zebra sugar sheets on the sides of the cake, and used the fondant to make edible buttons. And, with help from my mom, I finally finished the cake the day before my sister’s graduation ceremony. We learned a lot of lessons making this cake, so it definitely isn’t perfect, but it turned out well for being the first cake I have made that isn’t round!

It will be hard to bring myself to actually eat it! After all that hard work, it just seems way too pretty to eat!

 After leveling the graduation cake, I had a good bit of  cake left. Well, I thought that a good way to use the leftovers would be to make cake pops. I had never made cake pops before, and after watching a few videos on how to make them I thought I had a pretty good idea on how to make them. The cake pop mixture consists of crumbled cake with some icing, and then you cover the mixture with chocolate before decorating.  I didn’t know how much icing to add to the crumbled cake, so I added a nice big amount into the bowl. But right when I started mixing it in, I knew that I had added too much. Who knew that you could mess up cake pop mix so easily? Eventually I finished the cake pops(after many attempts to fix the consistency), and after I put the melted chocolate on top, the cake mix began oozing out of some of the pops…I knew that these were not edible, so I snapped some pics of the strange pops and then prepared to throw them away. I even tried to make the chocolate color coordinated with the graduation cake! Oh well, at least they look good! They sure didn’t taste as good as they looked, though!

I definitely tried new things this past week! Not all of my projects were completely successful, but hey, there is a first time for everything!



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