Adventure, Danger, and Magnifying Glasses

If you knew anything about me(based on this blog), you would probably know that I love Nancy Drew. Perhaps it is her smart sense of deduction, or her courage in the face of danger, but I have always loved this amateur detective. I especially love the 2009 Nancy Drew movie, which brought the idea of a duct tape Nancy Drew sleuth kit(which I am now selling on the For Sale page). Well, the movie came from the Nancy Drew books by Carolyn Keene. And since there are many Nancy Drew fans out there just like me, I thought that I would make a post with a little history and facts about Nancy Drew.

The First N.D. book, The Secret of the Old Clock.

The first adventure of the Nancy Drew series, The Secret Of the Old Clock, was originally published in 1930. This book shows the first peek into the cunning mind of the teenage detective Nancy Drew. Nancy is just an average teen living in a small town known as River Heights, but she always seems to get wrapped up in a not-so-average mystery. Nancy regularly shows her want for uncovering the truth, even if it risks getting stuck in a sticky situation. She always has everything under control, and if she needs a little help, her friends- Bess, George, and Ned assist her in accomplishing her goal. Carolyn Keene constantly  shows the bravery and sharp mind of Nancy Drew in almost 500 books. Who was Carolyn Keene? Carolyn Keene was actually many writers that all used the name Carolyn Keene for the Nancy Drew series. Keene has kept Nancy alive through many generations, and  will surely continue to excite many more mystery-lovers in years to come.

Now, let’s talk about Nancy Drew games. Everyone wants to solve a mystery by themselves, and in most games a person can play the part of Nancy Drew herself. I suggest the Nancy Drew games you can find at . These games are fun, yet the puzzles are challenging. Of course, you can set the game settings for an amateur or a master detective. Question suspects, go through hidden passageways, and sleuth through the mysterious castles, villages, and haunted mansions. You must think like Nancy to solve these mysteries!

If you would like to read more about Nancy Drew, check out these websites:

I hope you found this post interesting! If you have any questions please leave a comment below!

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  1. I like the brown one with the purple strap the most. Its lovely!


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