A Tasteful Gift and a Duct Tape Pumpkin

Hello  fellow crafters! For the past two days I have been working on my sister’s birthday cake. I wanted to do something simple, yet cute at the same time. It is her 18th birthday, so I didn’t want to make it too colorful, just a nice balance of fun and pretty. I decided to make a two layer vanilla cake decorated like a gift. I kept the main icing color white, and the used chocolate fondant for the bow and ribbon. I used a Wilton fondant mold to shape the ribbon, which you can buy from www.wilton.com for  $9.99. I ran out of parchment paper(used to smooth out the cake), so I used a paper towel to smooth the cake. This actually gave the icing the design that was imprinted on the paper towels, which was a pattern of circles, and turned out looking very cute. The pattern from the paper towel made the icing look more like wrapping paper.  I am not sure if  you can see the design in the icing very well in the pictures, though. Well, here is the final result:

As for my duct tape pumpkin, I just wanted to show you what I came up with since I talked about it a couple weeks ago. If you don’t remember, I made it for the stick or treat contest. Here you go: (sorry for some of the blurry pics!)



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