Boots and Buttons

 I hope everyone has had a great holiday! I have been soo busy, and I haven’t been able to put up a post! This week I have a craft to share that is a little different than normal. Well, it is not exactly a craft, more of a project.

As soon as it gets cold enough it seems that everyone pops on their Uggs or Bearpaws as soon as possible. My sister and I have each had a pair of Uggs for about three years, and we just recently decided to get another pair of boots! If your feet aren’t growing, they definitely can last you a long time. Now they look a little worn, but they still faithfully do their job of keeping my feet warm! Last year (a couple months ago), we each got a pair of Bearpaws on Black Friday for a nice price. But only about a month after wearing them, my sister’s buttons on her boots started falling off! We were about to sew the original buttons back on, but we thought,”Why not put cute buttons on?” So, I just took off the remaining buttons and sewed the new buttons on. (Even though my boot’s buttons weren’t falling off, I re-sewed my boots too!)

We got some cute, fun buttons from a nearby craft store.

I tried to use the existing holes from the previous buttons to sew on the new ones. I think that they turned out great!! And it was very easy! Now we will be warm and have cute, stylin’ boots!

photo (23)

photo (24)

photo (22)

photo (25)

I hope you enjoyed this post! This project is a very easy DIY, so if you do it please tell me in a comment below.




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