Bracelet Addiction?!

Well, I know that I have been making a lot of bracelets recently, but I really like the wrapped beaded bracelets. They’re easy, but they are really pretty! I also went to the craft store and when I saw these beads I just knew I had to use them in a bracelet. Making this type of bracelet is so addicting! So, this past week I have made two and a half more bracelets. Yes, I said a half because I was actually working on a third bracelet when I ran out of thread. And, of course, it is snowing now so no one should be on the road….Anyway, I took a picture of what I have done so far so that you can see it. Hopefully  I can get some thread soon.

Here they are:


 On the white bracelet I used glass flower beads with clear swarovski crystals in between. Before and after the beads I did a loose square knot to give it a little bit of a beach-like feel.



On the next bracelet I went for a little bit of a different style…although I can’t place exactly what category it would be in. It’s a little beachy, but I think it would look great with fall outfits also because of the dark string. The beads are shaped into cubes, so they are a little thicker than the other beads I have used so far. I thought that it would look a little strange if I had a thin string on the sides of thick beads, so I decided to braid the side supporting strings before sewing on the beads. It used more hemp and was a little more challenging, but I like the effect.

photo (29)


I am really happy with the way they turned out! I especially like the white bracelet. It makes me want summer back!

Well, have a great rest of the week-end!



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