Square Knot Racer-back Tutorial

Hello everyone! I’m sure it seems as if I have abandoned this blog, but I haven’t! I have been on vacation, and have been busy, busy, busy! Well, to make up for the lost time I have quite a few posts planned which includes two tutorials! One of the tutorials I am doing today, and I promised in a previous post to do it. I really hope you like the way I did this tutorial. If you can easily follow the steps, please like this post, and if you have any comments or suggestions, please comment below! I also suggest that you take a look at my DIY: Racerback Tanktop before doing this craft.

*I already completed most of this tank top, and I have it turned it inside-out and it has a pillow in it to keep it taut while knotting.

diy_crafts 001

diy_crafts 002

diy_crafts 003

diy_crafts 004

diy_crafts 005

diy_crafts 007

diy_crafts 008

tshirtDIY2 001

Have a great rest of the summer,




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