No-Sew Hair Bow Tutorial

Today I have another tutorial for you! I recently saw the showmecute YouTube channel and I stumbled upon their no-sew fabric hair bow tutorial . I thought the bows were just adorable, so I decided to make some of my own! I grabbed some left-over fabric and set to work! I changed just a few things from showmecute, but the bows turned out just as beautiful. So let’s get started!

*Remember, working with scissors, a hot glue gun, and a hot iron can be dangerous! Be careful when handling them!

diy_crafts 018

diy_crafts 033 diy_crafts 019 diy_crafts 020 diy_crafts 021 diy_crafts 023 diy_crafts 024 diy_crafts 025 diy_crafts 026 diy_crafts 027 diy_crafts 028 diy_crafts 030 diy_crafts 031 diy_crafts 032

…And that’s it! It is very easy to do, and I also found it to be very enjoyable! You can add these bows to the simple ponytail, to spice up a braid, or to pin back your bangs. *After making them and using my bows, I highly recommend using some sort of clip instead of a bobby pin. *
I have actually seen almost identical bows at stores like Forever 21, so these DIY bows our a nice alternative to buying bows from the stores!
Keep crafting,



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