Cheesecake Obsession?!

OK, recently I found a wonderful picture of banana cream cheesecake on Pinterest. Supposedly, it tastes almost exactly like the banana cream cheesecake at the Cheesecake Factory. Reading the ingredients, I almost couldn’t help licking my lips. What I also couldn’t help was thinking “I could make that!” Well, I followed through and bought all of the ingredients and the springform pan-don’t forget that! It turned out even better than I had thought! I only wish that I could have pureed the banana to make the batter more smooth. But, I almost liked the little chunks of banana I would get in each bite. It really depends on which consistency you prefer. My family quickly gobbled it up, and I don’t blame them! After making this cheesecake I searched Pinterest for any more fantastic cheesecake recipes. I’m thinking that I may have begun a new obsession…

Here is the recipe:

Here are a couple pics of my cheesecake:

diy_crafts 015 diy_crafts 016 diy_crafts 017

Not too shabby for my first cheesecake! And it definitely wasn’t as hard as I thought! A little time consuming, but it definitely worth it! I am currently trying to pick one of the many great recipes I have found on Pinterest. Any suggestions? Leave them in the comments below!


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