5 Tips on Ductagami

Undoubtedly the most famous craft on my website are the duct tape sleuth kits that I make and sell. Many people ask “How do you make the sleuth kits?” Well I can’t put a step by step tutorial on how to make the Nancy Drew sleuth kits because it is a very detailed process, but I decided to give everyone a few tips to remember if they choose to make a duct tape craft of their own. Who knows, after getting the hang of things you may be able to make a sleuth kit of your own!

Tip 1: Use a cutting board

Small or medium cutting boards are easy tools to find in the kitchen that can be used for duct tape projects. They prove handy because they are easy to store and transport, and most of all they protect the surface under the duct tape from being sliced along with the tape!

Tip 2: Use an X-acto knife

Many people may use either a pair of scissors or their teeth to tear the tape. I do not recommend either of these methods for a few reasons. Personally, I don’t like using scissors because the tape tends to stick to the blades, which sometimes make it harder to cut a perfectly straight line. A second reason I do not use scissors is because the blades quickly get gummy or sticky.

An X-acto knife is my personal favorite for cutting duct tape. They can be purchased easily at a craft store or hardware store for a fairly decent price, and can last a very long time. One can place the duct tape on the cutting board, then cut it with the X-acto knife, without worrying about cutting the table underneath.

Tip 3: Find a good work space

Finding a good work space is a very important part of ductagami,  just like it is for any other art form. Make sure that you have enough room to stay organized, and also give yourself enough elbow room. You need enough room to unroll long lengths of duct tape without knocking over a tower of duct tape rolls with your elbow!

Step 4: Take your time

This doesn’t necessarily mean that every single thing must be perfect, but you don’t want to rush through a project just to see that your wallet just looks like a wrinkled piece of tape with some money inside. Especially on your first time doing a project make sure to focus, cut clean lines, and remember that it may take a little while before you get the hang of things.

Step 5: Have fun! 

It may seem cheesy, or way too obvious, but it is important to remember that ductagami is all about having fun! Sometimes hard projects can go a little rough at times, but remember to keep trying and it will get better and better! And always keep your creativity flowing! The possibilities with duct tape is endless!




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