New Duct Tape Wallet Design!

Hello! Today I just want to show you a couple of duct tape wallets I have been working on recently. I just changed to a small cross-body bag that is a little better for the fall season than the bright-colored purse I used this summer, and I needed a wallet that was smaller than my current wallet to fit into the new purse.  So, instead of going to the store and buying a new wallet, I dug deep into my (almost) never-ending supply of duct tape and picked out a cute paisley pattern that I actually used for one of the sleuth kits that is for sale. However I did not want the regular wallet that I normally make that opens horizontally, and I wanted one that I could separate my different bills. I came up with a new design, and I quickly snapped a few pics before wrapping the second wallet to be given as a gift. It is almost a mix between an envelope and a clutch. *Also, although I only show one pocket for bills, there is an identical pocket on the other side

walletDIY 002 walletDIY 003 walletDIY 004 walletDIY 005


It has four card slots, and two fairly deep pockets for dollar bills. I like this design a lot better than the previous design because I feel that my bills are a little more secure because of the flap covering the top, and they aren’t as easily accessible because the pockets are so deep.

So what do you think, yea or nay? “like” this post, or just tell me what you think by commenting! If a lot of people like it, I just may make a tutorial in the future 🙂


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