DIY Tshirt Infinity Scarf Tutorial


Okay, well I was  planning on doing this tutorial next week, but I just got really excited about it and just had to do it today. I have an AWESOME tutorial that ANYONE can do, and it is a lot of fun! With the cold weather coming, us crafters have to stay warm and stylish….but of course we want to do it with something that we made. This scarf will solve that problem 😉 Plus, this is another way to use those old tshirts! (However, I do recommend using a large or extra large shirt for these scarves.)

So, I hope that you enjoy this tutorial!

scarfDIY 016 scarfDIY 001 scarfDIY 002 scarfDIY 003 scarfDIY 004

Oh, I forgot to mention to cut off the hem at the bottom of the shirt. Then, you want to turn the “tube” sideways like this:

scarfDIY 005 scarfDIY 006 scarfDIY 007 scarfDIY 008 scarfDIY 009 scarfDIY 010 scarfDIY 011

In the picture above you can see what I call my “false seams.” I just hot glued the edges and folded inward to give the material a nicer finish.

scarfDIY 012 scarfDIY 013 scarfDIY 014 scarfDIY 015

I think that this is such an adorable DIY! And, another good thing about it is that it took me less than an hour!

In my gray scarf (in case you were wondering) I actually cut a couple strips of a tie dye shirt that I never wear and included it into the scarf and it added a cute, fun effect. These would be an adorable addition to any fall or winter outfit. Please tell me what you think!



P.S. Oh, and remember to check out my last post on the latest info on my sleuth kits for sale(if you haven’t already).


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