No-Sew Hair Bow Tutorial

Today I have another tutorial for you! I recently saw the showmecute YouTube channel and I stumbled upon their no-sew fabric hair bow tutorial . I thought the bows were just adorable, so I decided to make some of my own! I grabbed some left-over fabric and set to work! I changed just a few things from showmecute, but the bows turned out just as beautiful. So let’s get started!

*Remember, working with scissors, a hot glue gun, and a hot iron can be dangerous! Be careful when handling them!

diy_crafts 018

diy_crafts 033 diy_crafts 019 diy_crafts 020 diy_crafts 021 diy_crafts 023 diy_crafts 024 diy_crafts 025 diy_crafts 026 diy_crafts 027 diy_crafts 028 diy_crafts 030 diy_crafts 031 diy_crafts 032

…And that’s it! It is very easy to do, and I also found it to be very enjoyable! You can add these bows to the simple ponytail, to spice up a braid, or to pin back your bangs. *After making them and using my bows, I highly recommend using some sort of clip instead of a bobby pin. *
I have actually seen almost identical bows at stores like Forever 21, so these DIY bows our a nice alternative to buying bows from the stores!
Keep crafting,



More Bracelets!!

I recently have been very into beaded bracelets, but this today I have something a little different. I tended to always shy away from the typical knotted friendship bracelets because I thought they were way too difficult. But, the urge to make a sea turtle (my new obsession) bracelet pushed me to at least try to learn how to do the more difficult friendship bracelets. So, I searched the web on sea turtle bracelet patterns, and I found one that seemed simple enough on .I soon found out that they actually weren’t difficult at all! It may take a little more time, but I did not have any serious problems.

After finishing my sea turtle bracelet I wanted to do more. So, on the same website I found a more difficult pattern to challenge myself with. I picked a rubber ducky pattern because my sister loves ducks. I took a few pictures as I worked on it, and then the finished product. In the background of the first picture you can see a little bit of how the patterns are laid out.

diy_crafts 011 diy_crafts 012 diy_crafts 013 diy_crafts 014

The pattern that you use depends on how thick the bracelet will be. This one turned out pretty thick, but it still looks cute and feminine.

I highly recommend ! They have some great patterns, from beginner to very advanced. Take a look at the website and tell me what you think in the comments!


Square Knot Racer-back Tutorial

Hello everyone! I’m sure it seems as if I have abandoned this blog, but I haven’t! I have been on vacation, and have been busy, busy, busy! Well, to make up for the lost time I have quite a few posts planned which includes two tutorials! One of the tutorials I am doing today, and I promised in a previous post to do it. I really hope you like the way I did this tutorial. If you can easily follow the steps, please like this post, and if you have any comments or suggestions, please comment below! I also suggest that you take a look at my DIY: Racerback Tanktop before doing this craft.

*I already completed most of this tank top, and I have it turned it inside-out and it has a pillow in it to keep it taut while knotting.

diy_crafts 001

diy_crafts 002

diy_crafts 003

diy_crafts 004

diy_crafts 005

diy_crafts 007

diy_crafts 008

tshirtDIY2 001

Have a great rest of the summer,



Getting ready For Summer?

I know I am! Today I have a craft I have been working on for the past few days. It is SO cute and summery– and of course, FUN!

I present to you another t-shirt DIY!! I really should have made you guys a tutorial, but I didn’t even think about it until halfway through! But I am planning on doing it again, don’t worry! 

This shirt was actually sort of an experiment because I had nothing to lose. My friend had an over-sized tie-dyed t-shirt that she said she wouldn’t wear and was about to give it away. I asked her if she wanted me to do a little craft magic with it before she decided to give it away, and she agreed. It is similar to my previous tank top, but this time I did couple new upgrades. This time, on the wrapping on the racer-back I did the common friendship bracelet square knot, and it added a really cute effect. I also tried fringe on the bottom for the first time!

So, here is the final product:

tshirtDIY2 001




tshirtDIY2 003 tshirtDIY2 004

I ended up a bit large, but it would be a great bathing suit cover-up! This craft definitely got me in the summer mood! So what do you think?



DIY: Racerback Tanktop

Hello fellow Crafters! Today I have a tutorial for you! I have noticed that recently on Youtube and Pinterest many people are making use of their old t-shirts fun again by turning them into tank tops. With the warm weather coming, I want to be equipped! I checked out quite a few tutorials and watched a lot of videos on YouTube  so I decided to try it out. I made my own tutorial for you guys, but if it is not clear enough for you, please leave a comment below 🙂

Warning: a lot of pictures!!

Ok, so let’s get started!

You will need:

T-shirttshirtDIY 001


pen or chalk (for guidelines, optional)





tshirtDIY 002

Cut off collar

tshirtDIY 003

tshirtDIY 004

Cut off sleeves

tshirtDIY 005

Next, draw an outline of your racerback

Next, turn your shirt inside out then draw an outline of your racerback. You can use a sports bra as a guide.

tshirtDIY 007

Take the semicircle that was just cut and use it for the other sleeve

Take the semicircle that was just cut and use it for the other sleeve

tshirtDIY 009

It should look something like this.

Next, cut about an inch off of the bottom of the shirt. cut off the seam of this strip...

Next, cut about an inch off of the bottom of the shirt. cut off the seam of this strip…

then cut it in half.

…then cut it in half.

Then, being careful not to rip the strip, stretch it so that it looks like this.

Then, being careful not to rip the strip, stretch it so that it looks like this. You will use this in the back of the tank top

At this point, put your shirt over a square pillow to make the following steps easier.

At this point, put your shirt over a square pillow to make the following steps easier.

Now you can see if you cut crooked on any of the steps this is a good time to fix them.

Now you can see if you cut crooked on any of the previous steps. This is a good time to fix them.

I also shaped the sleeves up a bit

I also shaped the sleeves up a bit

tshirtDIY 016

The next step is to double know the long string you made around the racerback and wrap it around the shirt and then finish it off with another double knot.

The next step is to double know the long string you made around the racerback and wrap it around the shirt and then finish it off with another double knot.

tshirtDIY 020

You can finish at this step, but you can also add string around the shoulders to the shoulders like I did.

tshirtDIY 021


I am pretty happy with the way it turned out. I did make a few mistakes though, so I may be making another one. I made it a little crooked on the back, hopefully it’s not too noticeable. But, for my first time, not too bad, eh?

Well, I really hope you like this tutorial!











Double Chocolate Chip Cookies

Hello everyone! I haven’t blogged in over a month!! Sorry about that! I have been quite busy the past few weeks and couldn’t fit blogging into my schedule! Hopefully this post will make up for that empty space.

I saw this fantastically easy recipe on the side of a Duncan Hines  “Dark Chocolate Fudge” cake mix box. Okay, well it may seem obviously good, but I am always unsure about using new recipes. And, I don’t know about you, but I hardly ever use the recipes that come with pre-packaged food. In this case, however, I saw the picture and how easy the recipe was that I just thought “Why not?”  I wasn’t exactly sold on cake mix cookies yet, so I thought that these were worth a try. These cookies are definitely the best cake mix cookies I have made so far, and my family loves them! They hardly lasted four days in my house!


 The recipe is so easy, and it would be very difficult to mess up! I have made this recipe two times and they have turned out great both times. So here is the recipe:

“Chunky Chocolate Cookies” (as on the Duncan Hines cake box):


1 package Duncan Hines Dark Chocolate Fudge Cake Mix

2 large eggs

1/2 cup(1 stick) butter or margarine, melted

1/4 cup firmly packed brown sugar

1 tsp vanilla extract

1 cup semisweet chocolate chips

1/2 cup chopped pecans or walnuts [optional]

Preheat oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit

Place cake mix, eggs, butter, sugar, and vanilla extract in large bowl. Stir with spoon until thoroughly blended [I used an automatic mixer]. Stir in chocolate chips and pecans.Drop by level measuring tablespoonfuls onto greased baking sheets.

Bake for 10-12 minutes for chewy cookies, or 14 for crisp cookies.

I did not use the pecans, and they still turned out terrific.

image (3)



And, for some strange reason I cannot get a larger picture for the cookies! I hope you can see them well enough in the picture on the right! So sorry!

I hope that you enjoyed this post! And remember, don’t judge a recipe by its box! hehe 🙂

❤ ,


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It’s St. Patrick’s Day!!!

Wellll…. not yet, it’s tomorrow. Which is a good  thing, because I wanted to share this cute craft with you before St. Patrick’s Day! I know, I didn’t give you too much time to make it, but it is quick and easy, and who doesn’t love that? I had to make a quick item to go with a St. Patrick’s Day outfit, so I stopped by the craft store. I found green glitter foam and a top hat!! I LOVE glitter, but I am not a fan of top hats. Together they actually turned into an awesome hat! Let’s get started. 

You will need:


-glittery foam(with the adhesive on the back if possible)st.patrickhat 001

-foam or plastic top hat (not pictured)

-a hot glue gun

Sorry I didn’t take a picture of the top hat before I bedazzled it! It was an afterthought to take pics of the steps, so sorry ahead of time if I skip pics for a couple steps!

Step 1: Cut a strip(or more, depending on how ling your foam is) about 1 1/2 inches to 2 inches wide and glue or stick to the base of your hat. 

st.patrickhat 002

Step 3

You can leave your hat like this, or you can proceed to add the bow, to add a cute look.

Step 2: Cut two pieces of foam about 4 inches long and 1 inch thick.  Fold  in half, gluing one end of a strip to its other end. Do this for both strips of foam. 

Step 3: Glue each “bow” loops to the desired place on the hat.

Step 4: Cut a foam rectangle and use as center of the bow. 

step 4

Step 4

st.patrickhat 003

Step 3







You can leave the bow tie, or you can add the “ribbon” at the bottom of the bow tie. For the ribbon at the bottom, you simply cut the desired lenght of the ribbon out of your glitter foam, and cut a triangle out at one end of each piece.

The finished craft:


st.patrickhat 006


st.patrickhat 005


It is even more glittery than in the pictures! 😉

I hope you enjoyed this post, and feel free to comment if you are going to make this or have any questions!


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