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T-shirt Bracelet Tutorial

Today I have another tutorial for you! I really hope you guys like this one! It is very easy, and is a great use for if you previously did a t-shirt DIY , and still have the leftover sleeves. A few weeks ago I made a few t-shirt bracelets, and I thought that I would make a tutorial.

*Please excuse my chipped nails, they look pretty rough! 😉

So let’s begin!

tshirtbracelet_DIY 010 tshirtbracelet_DIY 001

Somehow the pictures got deleted, but the first step is to cut strips from the sleeve about a half an inch thick.

tshirtbracelet_DIY 002 tshirtbracelet_DIY 003 tshirtbracelet_DIY 004 tshirtbracelet_DIY 005 tshirtbracelet_DIY 006 tshirtbracelet_DIY 007 tshirtbracelet_DIY 008 tshirtbracelet_DIY 009 tshirtbracelet_DIY 012 tshirtbracelet_DIY 011


I think that these turned out really well, and they are actually look even more neon than the pictures show! I don’t know about you, but I love neons! These bracelets actually match a sweatshirt that I have! How about you? Are you more of a neon person, or pastel?



Bracelet Addiction?!

Well, I know that I have been making a lot of bracelets recently, but I really like the wrapped beaded bracelets. They’re easy, but they are really pretty! I also went to the craft store and when I saw these beads I just knew I had to use them in a bracelet. Making this type of bracelet is so addicting! So, this past week I have made two and a half more bracelets. Yes, I said a half because I was actually working on a third bracelet when I ran out of thread. And, of course, it is snowing now so no one should be on the road….Anyway, I took a picture of what I have done so far so that you can see it. Hopefully  I can get some thread soon.

Here they are:


 On the white bracelet I used glass flower beads with clear swarovski crystals in between. Before and after the beads I did a loose square knot to give it a little bit of a beach-like feel.



On the next bracelet I went for a little bit of a different style…although I can’t place exactly what category it would be in. It’s a little beachy, but I think it would look great with fall outfits also because of the dark string. The beads are shaped into cubes, so they are a little thicker than the other beads I have used so far. I thought that it would look a little strange if I had a thin string on the sides of thick beads, so I decided to braid the side supporting strings before sewing on the beads. It used more hemp and was a little more challenging, but I like the effect.

photo (29)


I am really happy with the way they turned out! I especially like the white bracelet. It makes me want summer back!

Well, have a great rest of the week-end!


New Beaded Bracelets

I didn’t have time to make a post this past week-end, so that is why I am making a random Monday post opposed to my regular Friday post.  Recently I have seen some awesome looking beaded bracelets on Etsy and Pinterest. I figured that with a good tutorial I could at least attempt to make a bracelet or two that have that style. Well, I found a really good tutorial here, and I began my first bracelet.

Well, that was my first attempt and after that I felt very comfortable with this bracelet technique, and ventured to do more. I got some beads at a craft store near me, and soon I made way more bracelets than I bargained for!

 I also made a couple accent bracelets to go with my blue bracelets by doing a simple, loose square knot.

Sorry if this post is a bit pic heavy, I just wanted to show you all of my creations 🙂

I hope that you have a great week!


Friendship Jewelry

This summer I have kept myself busy with crafts, and I even learned a new friendship bracelet knot. I learned how to do the wave knot (you can learn how to do the wave knot here.) This knot is definitely the easiest friendship knot pattern I have found, and is great for beginners. I actually finished my first bracelet in less than an hour.

Here are a some pictures of my first three I made.

After looking on the the internet at different friendship bracelets, I saw a few pictures of rings also. It seemed like the rings were just like miniature friendship bracelets, so I decided to make a couple. This is also a great way to use the remaining string from a bracelet! For the ring in the picture below I used the square knot.   Below is the second friendship ring I made; I did the wave knot and added some small beads on the “waves.”

For most of the bracelets and rings I used colored twine. I bought this at a nearby craft store. I mostly chose the twine for the wave knot because I wanted something stiff to keep the “waves” in place. You could also use embroidery thread if you wish.

Anyone could make the rings or bracelets that I pictured above!

If you have any questions, please comment below; I promise I will respond! :)


Gum Wrapper Bracelets!

Do you enjoy making the starburst wrapper bracelets? Well you could also use gum wrappers and get the same sleek look! Fold them the same way you would with the starburst wrapper bracelets. i have a couple of people who go through gum like crazy and they give me the wrappers, and i have plenty of them. Here are a pictures of them:

Gum Wrapper Bracelets

Gum Wrapper Bracelets

Gum wrapper bracelet made with silver and pink gum wrappers

Gum wrapper bracelet made with silver and pink gum wrappers

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