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T-shirt Bracelet Tutorial

Today I have another tutorial for you! I really hope you guys like this one! It is very easy, and is a great use for if you previously did a t-shirt DIY , and still have the leftover sleeves. A few weeks ago I made a few t-shirt bracelets, and I thought that I would make a tutorial.

*Please excuse my chipped nails, they look pretty rough! 😉

So let’s begin!

tshirtbracelet_DIY 010 tshirtbracelet_DIY 001

Somehow the pictures got deleted, but the first step is to cut strips from the sleeve about a half an inch thick.

tshirtbracelet_DIY 002 tshirtbracelet_DIY 003 tshirtbracelet_DIY 004 tshirtbracelet_DIY 005 tshirtbracelet_DIY 006 tshirtbracelet_DIY 007 tshirtbracelet_DIY 008 tshirtbracelet_DIY 009 tshirtbracelet_DIY 012 tshirtbracelet_DIY 011


I think that these turned out really well, and they are actually look even more neon than the pictures show! I don’t know about you, but I love neons! These bracelets actually match a sweatshirt that I have! How about you? Are you more of a neon person, or pastel?



No-Sew Hair Bow Tutorial

Today I have another tutorial for you! I recently saw the showmecute YouTube channel and I stumbled upon their no-sew fabric hair bow tutorial . I thought the bows were just adorable, so I decided to make some of my own! I grabbed some left-over fabric and set to work! I changed just a few things from showmecute, but the bows turned out just as beautiful. So let’s get started!

*Remember, working with scissors, a hot glue gun, and a hot iron can be dangerous! Be careful when handling them!

diy_crafts 018

diy_crafts 033 diy_crafts 019 diy_crafts 020 diy_crafts 021 diy_crafts 023 diy_crafts 024 diy_crafts 025 diy_crafts 026 diy_crafts 027 diy_crafts 028 diy_crafts 030 diy_crafts 031 diy_crafts 032

…And that’s it! It is very easy to do, and I also found it to be very enjoyable! You can add these bows to the simple ponytail, to spice up a braid, or to pin back your bangs. *After making them and using my bows, I highly recommend using some sort of clip instead of a bobby pin. *
I have actually seen almost identical bows at stores like Forever 21, so these DIY bows our a nice alternative to buying bows from the stores!
Keep crafting,


Getting ready For Summer?

I know I am! Today I have a craft I have been working on for the past few days. It is SO cute and summery– and of course, FUN!

I present to you another t-shirt DIY!! I really should have made you guys a tutorial, but I didn’t even think about it until halfway through! But I am planning on doing it again, don’t worry! 

This shirt was actually sort of an experiment because I had nothing to lose. My friend had an over-sized tie-dyed t-shirt that she said she wouldn’t wear and was about to give it away. I asked her if she wanted me to do a little craft magic with it before she decided to give it away, and she agreed. It is similar to my previous tank top, but this time I did couple new upgrades. This time, on the wrapping on the racer-back I did the common friendship bracelet square knot, and it added a really cute effect. I also tried fringe on the bottom for the first time!

So, here is the final product:

tshirtDIY2 001




tshirtDIY2 003 tshirtDIY2 004

I ended up a bit large, but it would be a great bathing suit cover-up! This craft definitely got me in the summer mood! So what do you think?



Happy Holidays

Hello everyone! I hope that you had a very festive Thanksgiving! This week I do not have any crafts to share with you, but I definitely will try to blog about the baked goods I am planning to make in the next couple weeks. I don’t know about you, but I’m ready for some warm, gooey cookies! Christmastime is the best time of year to bake, so that we can share our tasty treats with others. 🙂 If you happen to be looking for some great Christmas recipes or dishes, I recommend getting a Pinterest account if you don’t already. Now I will warn you: Pinterest is very addictive! –But, it has some great ideas for cooking, diy, etc. The recipes or ideas I am planning to make are from Pinterest.

I also wanted to say that I am extending the Sleuth kit special offer to January 1st.  I talked about the offer a couple of posts ago.( If you would like to read more about the Nancy Drew Sleuth Kits click here. )  I just thought that I would extend the offer because the Nancy Drew Sleuth kits would make great Christmas presents, and you might as well get a free wallet to go with it! That will make one happy detective! If you are thinking about buying a Nancy Drew Kit for a very special detective, please contact me as soon as possible so that I can get it to you by Christmas.

If you have any questions please comment below; I promise to get back to you! 🙂

Have a great week-end!


Sleuth Kits For Sale Update

Well, yesterday was the first day of  November, which means only less than two months until Christmastime! It may seem a bit early, but I always get excited for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Some people may be already planning a few gifts for family members, so I decided that I would make a little special offer for this month. For the sleuth kits on the For Sale page, I will give a free wallet with each sleuth kit that you buy. You can request a wallet that matches the bag, or you can ask for specific colors if you would like. This package will end on November 30th.  Also, if you buy a Nancy Drew sleuth kit this month, you will have no problem receiving it by Christmastime! I just wanted to make this offer if anyone is interested 🙂 . I put the pictures of the sleuth kits that are in stock below (click on a picture for more detailed photos).

And here are just a few wallets that I have made in the past(you can check out more at my Duct Tape Wallets page):

The twin zebra wallets

Spatter Paint Deluxe Wallet

I hope you have a wonderful weekend! If  you have any questions or wish to contact me, please leave a comment and I promise to get back to you!


Mark Your Calendars!

I have officially chosen a date to begin selling the sleuth kits! I chose  July 1 to give myself plenty of time to make a good amount of bags. Each bag will be different, so I will sell a bag to the first person who contacts me about it. You can contact me by commenting, and then after that I will get back to you by e-mail.  To find out when I post the new bags, you can subscribe to get updates by e-mail, or you could follow craftdgirlblog on twitter.

I also wanted to mention in this post another craft that I have recently made as a gift for a friend. I wanted to make a messenger bag out of duct tape, so I gathered zebra tape, black tape, and some index cards, and went to work. I used the index cards to give the bottom of the bag some support(this will also prevent the bag from sagging over time), and then covered it with duct tape.   I also wanted it to be a gift set, so I added a matching wallet to go with it. And- voila! A perfect gift to start the summer!

Check back soon!


Get Ready…

For about two months I have been working on the unique Nancy Drew inspired sleuth kits. I have chosen the color schemes according to the popular choices from the polls I have put up in the past, but I am also making a couple cute bags that I did not mention in the poll (which are my personal favorites!). I am still not sure what date I will begin the sale of  the bags, but I

The New and Improved Nancy Drew Sleuth Kit

The New and Improved Nancy Drew Sleuth Kit

promise that my next post will say the exact date. In addition to the sleuth kits, I may also sell a few other homemade crafts from this blog. The bags will only be on sale for a limited time only, so please keep checking back to see the start and the end dates.

The kits are a great Christmas present to any Nancy Drew fan, but I normally don’t sell the bags during Christmastime, so now would be the time to think about buying them for a very thoughtful gift. I will also offer a few packages, to give a detective just the right supplies for a mystery. Some may include a bag and a matching wallet, or maybe even a original bag with the mini, the choice will be yours! I will explain the specifics when I release the sale date.

If you want to know when I put up new posts in the future, you could follow craftdgirlblog on Twitter, or receive updates on my blog by e-mail!

Do you have any suggestions on new crafts you want me to try, or are  you interested in buying a sleuth kit this summer?? Don’t be shy, please comment below!   I would love to hear your feedback!


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